Photoshop contest #8 (NEW RULES)

Yes, its back, with new rules, I’ll see how this goes and decide whether to start doing it regularly again.

  1. All pictures MUST be hosted off-site. provides free image hosting with no login required. If the image isn’t it doesn’t count for participation points and isn’t eligible for judging.
  2. Must follow all Chief Delphi rules.
  3. Please keep it appropriate. Use your common sense, but if you aren’t sure, please PM me with the photo concept and I’ll tell you.
  4. The entry may not be of a resolution greater than 1280 X 1280.
  5. The entry must have important elements taken from the posted image.
  6. Entries will not be judged on quality of the edit, only on the humor/inspirational value.
    Here’s the image.
    EDIT: The contest ends on midnight Sunday EST.

Are the scores being reset?

Love ya Billfred :slight_smile:

Well, my original idea was a clown which is as following, but dear Jeff beat me to it. But I’m going to post it anyway.

And while I was dying his shoes red… I had an idea. Who else has red shoes?

Dorthy…from the wizard of oz…

And one more for the record books,
::hides in fear of what Billfred might do ::

Just incase i keep posting them, i want the Oz one to be judged

…but it already looks fake…

(don’t hurt me billfred)

Here it is…he is supposed to be holding the “Billfred seal of approval” in his hands in case you cant tell what that is.

They will continue where they left off back at seven.

whens the winner announced

When a few more entries come in. I’m extending to next Sunday in the hopes that more come in.

No I’m not high, i was listening to techno and looking at the WMP visualizations

sstill extended or is it now over??