Photovision - saving settings on camera

We are having this problem when running our code for our pipelines that they do not switch when we have a command to. We have figured out that this error is due to us changing settings on Photonvision. To fix this error we found it that the best way is to restart the limelight. However, I was wondering if this was a normal or if we are saving the settings on the limelight correctly.

What version of Photon is this with? Could you elaborate a bit more on what exactly you’d like to do, and in what way it isn’t working?

There were a couple of changes for 2023.3.0 that could potentially be relevant/helpful If you’re describing trying to change the pipeline index from your robot code

I am not sure how the check the version on photonvision. However, what we would like to do is to be able to switch between our two pipelines (sensing reflective tape and sensing April Tags). We are able to switch between the two pipelines with our code, but sometimes it does work and other times it does not work. We have realized that the issue is because anytime we switch the settings on photon vision the stream stops working on shuffleboard.

The settings tab shows the version: Settings - PhotonVision Docs

Highly suggest updating to 2023.3.0 as this fix is included Fix desync between web UI and NT by mcm001 · Pull Request #778 · PhotonVision/photonvision · GitHub – note that you’ll probably need to reflash if you aren’t on 2023.3.0 already.

If you are at 2023.3.0, this could be a bug and we can dig into what’s up.

Thank you the update fixed this issue!