PHP Anniversary

Woot, let’s hear it for 10 years of PHP :smiley:

Check out the original announcement here

From that to OOP Polymorphism in 10 years :yikes:


I’m sure the name change helped with the popularity. I mean, really… personal home page tools? :smiley:

LOL it stands for something??? :yikes:

(actually, i know it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor… but it’s like that last thing you’d expect it to be. :p)

Let’s all ooh and ahh and some of the great features, shall we?

  • Full daily and total access counters
  • Banning access to users based on their domain
  • Providing a nice interface to this log information

After all, who doesn’t like a “nice interface”? =P

EDIT: On a semi-related topic, if anybody wants to try to help me debug this problem with a PHP script, IM me at MikeWasHere05. Basic OOP knowledge needed =/

If it wasn’t for PHP, I wouldn’t have this fun (nrrg) job in NYC!! Happy Birthday, PHP :stuck_out_tongue: