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Any1 know how to make a catagory only accessable to a certain group? php bb v 2.0.5 …

first set the permisions of the forum (admin panel, under forum admin, permissions) pick forum, set it to private [hidden]

then under group admin go to permissions and for the forum(s) that you selected to be private, you get a choice of allowing or disallowing access - pick

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There are also easy, but less conventional ways to allow for the public to see a forum exists, but not be able to enter it. However apk suggested the easiest means, which is completely done through the panel. Through this means, nobody knows the forum exists unless in that specific usergroup. Remember also that moderators have access, so for example if you supermod someone, he/she will be able to view everything within. Many free mods (as in ‘modifications’) in fact, exist for that exact purpose (to make a forum’s existance known but not make it visitable by the public) for those who don’t know PHP.