PHP Help

Well this seemed to work in years past so here I am again to ask the community for some php help.
I’m working on an image gallery called <a href=“">"Gallery Thingie”</a> which is actually a very good php gallery that relies on flat-file databases for its information. The problem i’m having is that i need to limit the amount of thumbnails that appear on a single page. I asked the creator of the script have gotten no good advice accept to look for loop tutorials.
Here’s what i have have:

<?php displayList($phpfile, "thumbnail");?>

I’m supposed to hack this line of code to do what I want.

Any ideas anyone???

I downloaded the Gallery Thingie file and noticed that in the gt-pub.php there are several for loops.


function displayList($phpfile, $linktitle = "number") {
		global $name, $id, $category, $cat, $title, $path;
		for ($i=0;$i<count($name);$i++) {

You can replace the count with the amount that you want to be displayed, but that would mean that you have to implement a page function…

would you or anyone else be able to help me do something like this???

Coming from a web-developer, I suggest that you start using mySQL or some kind of database structure. Databases ensure greater stability, speeds, and security than flat-file systems offer. I know this does not exactly help your situation, but just a word of advice.


An indespensible tool for PHP development is You can look up any function in the search box for its syntax, or browse through functions by category.

Quite so. PHP dot net will probably become your new bible, I often use it to look up the syntax of confusing functions… also, I always forget the parameter values for date(); :-p