PHP Scoring Page


Starting sitting in the back of the gym at kickoff i started programming a web based program to score matches so when your working one of thoes long night getting the drivers ready the other people dont have to think. Its all php so if you want the code e-mail me and i’ll send it out to you. The link is

Right now its being worked on a lot becaues the first page is horriable so it will hopefuly look a little better tomorrow or monday.

By the time that the competitions roll around i hope to make some kind of program so you can have a laptop with apache, php and mysql on it and keep track of standings and what not if you really have the time and/or the need to.

–Tim April
AIM SN: Knightwhosays3
Team 1073

Not bad for a bordom streak…

If you still continue to feel that way it would be nice if you made GTK+ interface for the program. :slight_smile:

If you look at the page tonight… theres a lot of stuff happening to it… and i just remembered i forgot the hanging from the bar points… oops

The page is now fully functional… i will be editing it to make it able to run with out being on the web and to make a program that can be used for competitions so teams can keep track of standings.