Does anyone have any experience installing phpbb?

I can upload all the files to the server, change the permissions on config.php, but when it comes to /install/install.php I get stuck.

I have no idea how to use databases. I have created a MySQL database, an access DSN, and an SQL Server database and nothing works. Every time I click start install, it comes up with “The PHP configuration on your server doesn’t support the database type that you chose”.

Ive tried all the database types.

Any help?

It’s entirely possible that the webhost you’re using doesn’t support SQL databases as required by phpbb. The output of phpinfo() would be helpful in figuring out whether or not this is the case. (If it is, you have very few options aside from talking with the webhost and asking them to enable databases (possibly at some additional cost to you) or switching to another provider.)

To check: make a file called pi.php with the following code and upload it and view the resulting page.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Ideally you’d see somewhere in the text a heading of “mysql”, “mssql” or something similar. For example, on mysql appears a little over half way down the page. If in doubt, post the version number and value of “Configure Command” (they’re right at the top) and I (or someone else) should be able to tell for sure.

There it is. I have no idea what any of it means.

I told my team we should of gone with a linux server. It would have had more support for the things we need.

I wonder if I can change operation systems with GoDaddy without being charged.

It seems that MySQL support is included in PHP, and, from the Go Daddy website apparently even their cheapest plan includes database access (on their Windows and Linux plans).

So, to setup phpbb what you first have to do is create the database, according to the Database Management guide from how you do this with Go Daddy is:

“1. Log in to your account manager.
2. From Hosting & Email list, select Web Hosting & Databases.
3. On the Manage Hosting Accounts page, click the Databases link next to the hosting account for which you want to manage the databases.
4. You may modify an existing database or create a new database from this page.”

So, some how from there you should be able to create a MySQL database and username, and set the username to be able to access and modify the database. Hopefully that page will also have all of the information you’re supposed to enter into the form to setup phpbb correctly (like the mysql server host name).

I got that far last night. I couldn’t find the information to fill in these.

Is it somewhere in here?

Also, they do have some sort of preinstalled phpmyadmin for databases. Is there something I need to set up in that?

Ok nevermind. I figured it out. I’m going to try and switch to a linux server as soon as I can contact the mentor that purchased the hosting.

Economy Hosting /w PHP on a Linux Server, here I come!

alright. linux server is up, but not ready. hopefully tomorrow.

i’ve got it from here, tomorrow in 2nd period i’ll install the forums.

thanks for all the help tim!