phpBB3 Forum Icon Set (Tango Icons)

On Team 245’s forum we’re currently using a combination of the Tango Icon Library and the Silk Icon set for our forum icons (the stuff that shows if there’s a new post or not and the other stuff). I’d thought I’d share them because several people contacted me about them.

Here’s a few, if you’re wondering what they look like:



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If anyone uses these, I’d be curious to see them on another forum. Let me know if you do!

Thanks! I’ve used them here, minus their colour.

They’re a bit warped in places, I’ll fix it if I’m explicitly told to, otherwise… I’m sick of working on that forum.

Cool, I really don’t care if they’re warped like that, but they would definitely look a lot better if they weren’t. Make sure your not telling your SMF forum to set a standard size for the icons.

Is there an easy way to check/change this?

I’m a little busy this weekend, but I’ll check into it on Monday.

I’ve been having a little trouble with the SMF install. However, if I remember correctly, I think you have to edit the size of the image in the theme file. If you not sure where that is, look for a folder called theme/skin/style or something like that and find the default. Hopefully, I’ll get a SMF forum installed so I can test some things.

I don’t know if you’re still on it, Ryan, but I’m almost done installing SMF now, so I can check it soon…

Go ahead and do that.

Thanks for the help.

Ok, you have a different skin, but I found:


Unfortunately, I’m not certain because: A) you’re using another/custom skin, and B) I don’t see any image size attributes. I’ll look into it more later tonight. Not too much different from phpBB’s folder hierarchy, though.