phpBB3 Released

Well, it’s been a while, but the group at phpBB finally released their third version to the public. Anyone planning on installing it, or are you waiting to see what others say?

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I’ve been using it (yes, pre-release) for a few months now on an unrelated-to-FIRST website and one thing that I’ve definitely noticed is how much nicer it is to develop plugins for. I had specific need for a IMAP Authentication plugin and was able to write one up very quickly by copying and editing an existing authentication class which I was able to find and figure out without needing any developer documentation. Making things even better is how it appears that upgrading versions won’t require such a painful process of copying over the mods (unlike phpBB2).

ive been using pre-release for a forum at school for awhile and it was ok. i now have the “gold” version up on my teams site and i may upgrade my other forums soon too. the new admin interface is SOOOO much better and overall its a great piece of code xD good luck for anyone who uses it.


We’ve been using it since the first release candidate over at It works better than any other board I could find! Installing mods is a simple process (not automatic, but not difficult work either) and updating versions is as simple as it could get (mods usually work after updating, and if not, the author usually updates the mod to work with the current version). I’ve been waiting for some time for a decent calendar and/or gallery to come out (several in development and pre-release stages), which should increase productivity ten-fold.
Overall it’s a very nice community forums package that everyone should use!

Wow, I didn’t know so many people here have been using the pre-release! I agree that the admin interface is much more intuitive and fluid.

Well, now that I have the attention of all these phpBB users, I want to know how easy (or not) it would be to create a script, from either the CMS [PHP-Fusion] side or Forum side, to pull user data from one database table or the other. There’s supposedly a few out there for phpBB and IPB, but neither worked at all. I know little php coding.

It would be really easy; actually, take a look at the Auth IMAP thing I mentioned in my last post, it does essentially the same thing, really for the authentication information (e.g. common username and password). The only difference is that instead of using the tables of another piece of forum software it just goes and asks an external e-mail server that information.

I’ll look into that tommorrow after work (2am is not a good time right now!) but just by glancing at your site, it seems that it would be fairly easy. I’m pulling it from a MySQL 4.x database. It uses phpMyAdmin through my shared hosting cPanel. The script I’ve got now does pretty much nothing. Hardest part would be looking into how php-Fusion works it’s login script, then somehow “telling” it to pull it from the phpBB table. Simple, really. I’ve just got to take the time to sit down with a few bottles of Pepsi and go through all this stuff.

if both scripts use the same database it would just be a matter of changing the table one of them uses for the users and making sure the field names are the same. also make sure that bot scripts use the same method of encrypting the password in the DB.

also is there anyways to link 2 different databases together? like have a script that you could run that would get data from 1 db and another script that gets data from the other DB? just a question of mine lol


There are already some out there that are pre-made, but as one of the programs get upgraded, it may change the code completely, rendering the page/script useless. That’s where I stand right now.

Well the TechnoKats just tonight upgraded our forum, and installation was A PAIN! Of course, it doesn’t help that our webmaster left and I was stuck with Webmaster, knowing nothing about websites. I guess it is pretty good I even knew to update it!

I’m assuming the hard part was with database information, because this was one of the easiest web-based setups I’ve ever done, though the constant “Click To Proceed” repetition was a bit of a bore.

We’ve been trying phpbb3 for quite some time now. I am currently working on skinning it.

I’ve used phpBB since 2.0.11 now, and I have to say I would recommend upgrading. There’s lots of hacks you may have installed, but give it not even a few months and thousands of hacks will be released for 3.0.

We at phpBBhacks are already storing up plenty of templates and hacks for people to use. I hope to see some people over there. :cool: