Phun: A great 2D Physics Sim for concept testing

So I used to play around with this 2D physics simulator in my programming class when I got bored.

I have always been a lead Designer for my team and often find it hard to explain to people either why an idea will or will not work without a working model. This program allows me to put together a quick demo without having to go through the long process of model construction.

I took a screen cap of a demo for how it could be used for this years comp (No I am not planning on using this design, all yours :slight_smile: )

I hope that this resource will come in handy for you fellow designers!

Haha! I’ve played around with Phun quite a few times before. This is a good suggestion! I think I’ll go re-download that right now actually… :cool:

While I have not used Phun before, it was recently featured on Society of Robots and looks like a very useful and versatile tool. People interested in using this to simulate robots or otherwise might be interested in the link to instructions in the article on how to convert a simple image file to a Phun simulation model (requires some user work, but the method looks very straight forward to use).