physics project

I am stuck for ideas on what to do for my physics final project. I figured this would be a good place to come for help

I can do pretty much anything regardless of if we studied it

i wanted to go skydiving and find my terminal velocity but that one got vetoed :frowning:

can anyone think of anything?

You should develop a unified theory of quantum gravity; I’m willing to bet that’d go over well with your teacher.

How about use Motors as the subject of your project? There are plenty of material in motors in this forum, and you can just ask anyone about it.

Ken has a great idea about the motors project.

Two of our team’s students won major science fair awards in physics/engineering with motor projects. (Wonder what gave them the idea?)

Look for Ryan M. and Brian C’s projects on this page:

Ryan and Brian are both registered on ChiefDelphi and you can contact them here.

Also, our Question of the Day Archive has the robot from the floppy drive project (Question 30) with several links to the project.

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**You should develop a unified theory of quantum gravity; I’m willing to bet that’d go over well with your teacher. **

Heh, yeah - Steven Hawking had some ideas on that, but I’m sure you could improve on that stuff. :wink: Be sure to let us know when you have the formula. :slight_smile:


I think electric motors is an excellent idea, especially since it involves a phenomena like magnetism. If that doesn’t work out, how about using your robot as the subject and make a list of every physical property you can think of, then use the robot as a visual aid to demonstrate each topic. Some examples: Torque; any part in the bot that links the motors to the wheels or tracks, Inertia; any part of the bot when accelerating or decelerating, Static and dynamic coefficients of friction between your wheels/tracks and the carpet, the relationship between the topography of the carpet, weight of the bot and surface area that interfaces with the carpet, and hundreds more. Real world applications are always more interesting than hypothetical examples.

Good Luck and I hope you get an A+++++:
Tim Gates
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In our physics class, we made cannons, calculated the trajectory, and tried to hit targets at various distances—one group in our class made an air-cannon, and the thing was massive…shot the tennis balls like bullets (not much left to calculate there if your targets disentigrate on impact…I believed we received calls from the army wanting to buy the weapon) But anyways, just an idea…plus, you might just be able to coerce your teacher into giving you an A, with a little help from mr. cannon :wink:

Last year for an end of the year project in engineering i made a caapult. A Mangonel to be more precise. it was massive, to pull the arm back we strained in using a 2 ton winch, we didnt have any tools that could measure the large amounts of force the twisted ropes created. Man was that a fun project, i would recomend it.


Ken don’t even say anything!

ShackBite you can make a rail gun for your physics project just about the coolest thing you can make in your shop

You can make a hovercraft! Gas-powered, so you can get enough lift to ride it! :smiley:

There are a bunch of great projects, from building a homemade van degraph generator with a soda can and a rubberband to building a gaussian magnetic rifle with a ruler and some magnets, available at I’d read through all the 30 or 40 expariments there, as they are are really cool and worth doing.