Physics Quiz 6

*Same as specified here and here, except the wheels are at the corner of a rectangle (i.e. trackwidth is not necessarily equal to wheelbase).

Let f = trackwidth/wheelbase ≠ 1

Part A:

  1. Fy=Tau/r
  2. Distance from wheel to CoM = sqrt(trackwidth^2+wheelbase^2)/2 and from now on is d
  3. Fydsin(angle included) = Fxdsin(other angle included) because net torque is zero.
  4. Fy(trackwidth/d) = Fx(wheelbase/d)
  5. Fx = Fy/f = Tau/rf
  6. |F| = |Fx + Fy| = Tau*sqrt(f^2 + 1)/rf

Part B:

  1. muN<Tau*sqrt(f^2+1)/rf
  2. Tau>muNrf/sqrt(f^2+1)

How did you get from step4 to step5

Divide both sides by Wheelbase/d and then… oh shoot… that should say Fx=Fyf=Tauf/r. Then F=Tau*sqrt(f^2+1)/r. Also, the answer to B should be Tau>muNr/sqrt(f^2+1)

Or you just invert the definition of f so that it is now WB/TW and then my original answers are right.

Thank you for the correction.

Nice work.

Solution attached.


rectangular solution.pdf (67.7 KB)

rectangular solution.pdf (67.7 KB)