physics resources

What are some useful physics resources related to FRC? Complicated stuff are more the welcome


Hyperphysics is a great start:

Phet simulations are pretty good for physics and chemistry.

If you like videos, Khan Academy is great.

If you’re looking for an entire course equivalent, MIT OpenCourseWare, edX, and Coursera all have courses (but under different names). Many are archived / self-paced so you could go in and just get the content for the sections that you like. I they’re all a mix of videos, typed examples, and practice questions.

If you prefer just reading, there’s Physics Classroom (I personally find it confusing, but it’s easier to understand than most. Spark Notes can be very test specific, but it might still be useful.


It depends on what you want to know. If you want to know an algorithm to solve a physics problem Kahn is just the place to do that. If you want to learn physics and the underlying concepts that make physics so awesome, then doing some of the inquiry based activities on phet is the way to go.

–M. Wilson
Physics Teacher
In my classroom, Physics is more than applied math.