Pi Day Proposal

Being that FIRST is the preeminent STEM organization in the world I propose that at exactly 9:26:53 at every FRC event on 3.14.15 there be a brief break in qualification matches to recognize this once in a century occasion with a Pi recital contest. At each event a limited number of preregistered contestants with gather on the field and recite Pi. The winner is the one that can correctly recite Pi to the most decimal places.

The prize is, of course, a pie representative of that region or district (If Hawaii were having a regional then it would be a Ted’s Chocolate Haupia)! Just no cow pies for those events in cowboy country. I’ll leave the detailed rules and logistics up to the GDC.

Great idea

Ha Ha! Even though a bit silly, I think this is an awXsome idea.

Send an e-mail to the local Week 3 event organizers. I’m sure they could find someone like Bakers Square to donate a pie for a prize.


This would be fantastic! Unfortunately, I won’t be at any events on Pi Day. :frowning:

I know 40-some digits… :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta remember to remind the L.A. MC and announcer…

That sounds awesome! I would love that if I was attending a regional then! I’m at 130 digits!

The Pi-o-neers are IN!