pic: '09 Frog Force 503 Robot -

“The Shermanator”

Competing at the Cass Tech and West Michigan district competitions. See you guys there!

where did you guys get the brushes for the helix and the bottom roller?

Hope to see you in ATL!

Here is a better picture that I found of how they are made…


We received all our brushes (ones on sweeper, helix, and the shooter) from Memtech, Inc. in Plymouth, MI who graciously donated our entire supply to the team. We are really happy with the way the brushes work on the helix and the sweeper, but are trying to change up our shooter (what the girl in the picture is holding) by trying different brushes.

How do you guys buff out the aluminum like that? Is it something that could be done during down time in the pits, or does it take a long time?

Thanks for noticing the cool look on our aluminum tubing. We started doing this last year by wrapping steel wool on a screwdriver (securely through zip-ties) and then putting the screw driver in the drill press. By pressing down and buffing circles in the aluminum, it actually ends up looking awesome. Its pretty easy and can be done with any drill/drill press and is a fairly quick process. Its a great way to make your robot stand out if your team doesn’t have the time or resources for powder coating/anodizing.