pic: '09 Lone Star Pits

This was the pits last week at LSR. As you can tell there was a lot of room, and we only used 1/6th of the Geroge R. Brown convention center.

Awesome wide picture !

George R. Brown Convention center is huge !!! Hint hint… championship planning committee !

I really like the 2x2 block pit layout.
How many other regionals use this Pit format ?

That’s luxurious. That seems sooo nice.

If you mean that there is an isle of 2 pits and then an isle about 10 feet wide, then Florida uses that. If you mean squares of 4 pits then, no Florida doesn’t.

Stark contrast to Palmetto haha. They could use some of that space at Littlejohn

Thats what I mean by 2x2 blocks

It allows all the teams to have corner spots

I definately second that suggestion. George R. Brown would be perfect for championships!