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I feel that this is going to be a long season for inspectors…

True that…

You may want to read up on your bumper rules… there’s no way that frame is compliant

I have to wonder why so many people are having trouble reading the bumper rules. They certainly aren’t any worse, say, than the configuration and setup of the Crio.

Your bumpers will be illegal. You must have 6 inches on either side of a corner of your frame covered with bumper, including 6 inches of playwood. In addition, the entire length of the plywood must be well supported by a structural member of your frame.

You don’t appear to be able to do that on your two front corners.

This frame is… interesting, to say the least…

Interesting asymmetric frame. There are bumper rules issues, but you might be able to get compliant with just a few modifications.

im getting the feeling that this isn’t the frame . .just a sub assembly for their ball gatherer.

I agree that this is not the chassis. Looks to me like it could be the base for a helical ball loader.

I am not sure if this is the full chassis or just a sub-assembly.

But if it is the chassis I think it might be ok under the bumper rules.

Because the rules talk about the bumpers needing to be around the perimeter of the robot.

Rule R08-C says corners must be protected by bumpers but it doesn’t say the bumper must be physicaly on the corner.

The two short back corners may be a bit harder to work.

But at the front it shouldn’t be a problem.

The bumper could be put on the top bar that goes across the opening. If that bumper runs the full width then the front corners can’t hit anything before the bumper hits. The bumpers along the sides stop the corners hiting side on.

At the back corners could the the bumper brackets take a form of an “L” ? This is so the bumpers go right to the corner.

This is just off the top of my head. Would my interpretation fit within the rules?:confused:

No, because the BUMPER ZONE is defined to be from 1"-7" off the ground, which is obviously lower than the top bar. Any BUMPER protruding above or below these height constrictions is not legal a BUMPER.

Let’s stop the bumper talk for a minute … obviously the poster knows about the bumper rules by this point.

Let’s relax and marvel at this magnificent piece of welding. After assisting our sponsor yesterday at 7am with our own frame, I definitely have much more admiration of the profession of welding – it’s truly a skilled profession that must be practiced. The guy yesterday did welding on everything from NASA satellites to a DAPRA Grand Challenge chassis, to custom motor mounts & other fittings for the cars in his ridiculously large garage. Yet he took the time to take our complicated frame and live with the not-perfect drawings we had, only to return to us a near perfect welded aluminum frame as marvelous as the one you see here.

Mad props to the maker of this piece of art!

A few days ago, I was looking at an aluminum thing I welded (badly) when I took a TIG class many years ago. I have to agree…that is fine work! I don’t have the manual skills to be able to weld that well. I think it’s related to my really bad handwriting.

I think if it safe to assume this is the chassis as the images has the tag “frame”.

It looks like a nice chassis though.

The welding is nice. Very nice frame. Digging the asymmetry, I assume that it is for feeding your pickup properly?

Now, I have a small request, could a mod change the name on this so it is something descriptive? Perhaps “FRC549 09 Frame” Or the team name or something.

i like the framework but buddy,i gotta hand it to the bloggers, you should look over the manual. We’re only trying to help :smiley:

Hey guys,

sorry for my late reply, to be honest I forgot i even posted this. This pic is PART of our base frame. Bumpers will go on after. This frame was all hand cut and welded. The opening where the “V” is, is where the ball will be gathered, and yes, we are using a HELIX…

It’s very very light, all aluminum.