pic: 1/12 Scale Field (2015 Season) #2

Hello fellow FIRST members!

Teams 801 and 1592 would like to present our scale model of the 2015 field. Our teams really wanted to 3D print a scale field to aid in design. However, we noticed the Solidworks files that were available were not convertible to solids, and thus could not be used in Inventor or recognized by our slicer software. So we CAD’d our own bins and totes and printed everything in 1/12 scale.

We’ve been using this field to strategize during week 1, and we will bring our completed 1/12 field and 1/12 robots to our pits at the Orlando and Denver regional. We encourage everyone who can to print out their own fields and bring their 1/12 scale robots to their regionals to assist their alliances in strategizing.

We’ve included a Dropbox link containing every printable field component in STL, STEP, and IPT format. The link currently only contains the Bins and Totes but we will update it with driver’s stations and other field components as we CAD them.

Good luck to all teams competing this year, and have a fun build season!



Solidworks can export .stl files, which can be opened in a modeling program like Blender. From there it should be possible to convert to a 3D printer-friendly format.
Thanks for the files though. If we had a 3D printer, we would print this. Very useful for consideration of distances, etc.

I’m not sure I could describe this with any word other than: adorable. :rolleyes:

I wasn’t the member working with Solidworks at the time, but I was told that it was either when we tried to export to .stl or when we imported to MakerWare that we were given a “Mesh is Damaged” error.

I was working with trying to import the files into Inventor (our team’s primary CADing software). I don’t believe we ever tried Blender at any point though, but I know that every .x_l or .sat we tried to import to Inventor was either unrepairable or dimensionless.

Still, these should serve as workable, dimensioned Inventor files, and I’ll update the dropbox if we’re able to import the more official ones.