pic: 1" mecanum

this is a 1" mecanum wheel design for a 3LB californian flamthrower combat robot. a corosponding White paper contains more info

Wow, I see a vex version of Jester…

OK i looked at this a few times and i have to know how you they are going to build this. I mean come on you are talking about a wheel about the size of a soda cap. i am impressed you designed it but this is one of those situations where is it worth it. i am guessing at least a 30 min per wheel Assembly time. having just finished my battle bot endeavor a while back and seeing how “quick and dirty” alot of the bots are IMO this is way over thought for the comp.

anyway good job on the design, but i still can;t see the application.

also if these ever get build we “have” to see pictures because i will be truly impressed

i’m curious about the screws…are you going to machine them after the wheels already been assembled? if not, how are you planning to make the radii of the screws line up with the radius of the wheel?

it’s polycarbonate hubs delrin rolers and nylon screws. the hubs will be made by drilling the 7 dowell holes first. a block of aluminum is drilled with the same pattern and clamped to a cnc. you use dowell pins in the holes to mill with the head at a 45 when you dinish a pass you unclamp the hub pick it up rotate it and line it up with the pins clamp it again and make your next pass. the screws are a cheat they are just the shafts for the rolers basicaly and the heads have to be razorknifed off because they stick out too much.

Nice design I wish my team would create something like that but we never would

“if you can dream it you can do it” nothing is stoping you from designing something like that. if you need help there are plenty of people here willing to lend a hand.

Cool Tytus very cool. I see you have gotten away from the 2 part hub design this looks very new and improved. As always let me know if I can help.

Ttyl and good luck,

I love delron. We used it to great effect in our 2005 bot.

A cool thing we found, if you pressure cook it in machine oil, it will leave a nice sheen behind (really).