pic: 10, 20, and a 30!

The Queen City regional puts on a great show. We will be back again next year!

Team 1270 had a great time at the Queen City Regional. We can’t believe that our robot climbed for 20pts everytime without falling… It always looked like it was going to fall!!!

Team 3496 was awesome when it climbed for 30pts!!!

Do your bumpers fold down? It looks like they are (just one side). If they are, what is the reason for it?

Per R02 and R24-E, bumpers have to be firmly attached to the main structure/frame, and the frame perimeter contained in the bumper zone may not be articulated. So bumpers should not be designed to fold down. ::rtm::

My guess (just looking at this picture) is that a section of the robot’s bumper became partially detached during the match.

And, oh yeah, the finish of this match is really cool. :smiley: Was it a win for Red?

Someone forgot to attach the top of the bumper. We definately won that match.

Thank you very much for posting this! This was an awesome match, had tons of fun! :smiley:

We had one of those in Troy this weekend. The 20-pointer had to stop at Level 2 because both robots wouldn’t fit at Level 3.