pic: 10 Shifters Ought to do well this year......

I will leave it up to you to decide how all of this fits on our robot or could it be robots…

16 Performance Wheels
10 Omni-wheels
10 Gen. 2 Piston Shifters
8 Universal Hubs
A pile of #35 aluminum sprockets
A pile of rubber treads

You must really like AndyMark

i dont know how much the tread cost but i added up around 5,700 so you’ve got about 300 to make the rest out of :slight_smile:

I bet the feeling is mutual. :wink:


I’ll start the Bidding at $5500.

Maybe he thinks all that stuff will break a lot and those are his spares for this season??? :rolleyes:

Just kidding, Andy!

The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was…

Wait! How come they can have 10 CIMs on their robot?!?

I then read further and see that they are spares.
What happens if next year’s motors are different :ahh:


I’m thinking one robot, one practice bot, more spares for future seasons.

and now I know why I haven’t gotten my AM order yet…


Nice collection. :slight_smile:

Well if you need all that stuff for this year than that probably means your expecting your robot to break a whole lot - and this is not counting on the spare parts that are already at the event =). On the other side if you don’t use any of it this year and the rules change next year so that you can’t use it then either, then you can probably retrofit previous years robot with them and re-program them so they can all enjoy being dual speeds. I would make my old teams previous robots work off of the CIMs but theres a space problem & mounting problem with that.

Just to show you how much inventory my old team has: Many different Motors, Many different wheels of different sizes, Many Pneumatics Kits and Assy.'s. Just to name a few, I can honestly say that if its anything that gets used more than a select few items thats in the Kit, It’s the Kit of Parts Bins and trust me they make good storage bins to just fill up and stack. =)


hehe thats quite a lot of money there! I guess that’d include shipping.

But I only count 11 performance wheels.

Possibly making 5 robots? It seems there are enough there to have 5 2 speed 4 wheel drive robots. And enough treads to have 5 treads per bot.


The students really enjoyed countersinking all 144 holes in those sprockets…and then came the drive plates. :smiley:

The question isnt how much money they will have left to spend, but rather how much weight they have left to spare? How much does all of that stuff weigh.

Its obviously not all for one robot lol, that would break just about every rule in building the robot.

Pretty Close;) We actually are building with 4 FRC teams this year!

Ohhh and I do like Andy Mark!!!

I believe there’s a 3rd pile of performance wheels behind the two clearly visable ones.

Uh… The Michigan Quads?!?

(Are you building 4 identical 'bots?)

-Mr. Van
Coach, 599