pic: 100 point penalty

Wow…I hope that’s a typo :\

Florida scored practice matches?

or were you just testing the software?

it didn’t look like a mistake… they also finally showed you who was on what alliance, that was very annoying the first week.

I was there at the scoring table, to go to the next match we were entering redicilous scores and well then it was flashed on top to test it and thats were you got that

MMM i was all over the place if you were watching the webcast i was the guy wearing a blue shirt with a white long sleeve shirt under it and blue hat. I was lead safety advisor and helped with the field so i was all over the place like i will be all weekend

agreed. it was so hard to scout when the volunteers (love them to death don’t get me wrong) stood RIGHT in front of me (i was sitting and i am short). atleast it’ll be easier at nats…

100 penalty points is very rediculous. I believe that the most any alliance got at UTC was 60 in a single match. Yet they still managed to win!

the most at sacramento i remember was 70. And yes the team #s are very useful to know :slight_smile:

The most I saw at Florida was 90 in a single match, thus 108 winning a match 2-0.