pic: 1002 Chairmans Awards


how DID we do it? this is our THIRD year in a row winning the Chairman’s Award for the Peachtree Regional we were all very excited and one of our teacher sponsors so enthralled by winning it that he was indeed crying

Yeah it was really great we really put a lot of hard work into it this year, as I’m sure every chairman’s team did. Our competiton was tougher this year than any before and they did a great job. It’s really great to see so many teams putting in such tremendous amounts of time and effort into spreading the ideas of FIRST and the FIRST competition itself.

Congratulations to all the other chairman’s teams, and especially 263, who also won for their third time in a row. I’m sure you are all as excited as we are.

WOW Congatulations Team 1002. I know how it feels to win the Chairman’s award twice consecutively but the a third time is absolutely outstanding. Each year you must raise the bar beyond belief and do amazing things in your community.

Congratulations once again! Your Team is a model for all FIRST Teams. Peachtree Chairman’s X3…wow!

Congratulations. You realize that it is your solemn duty to win it at the Championships this year, so others at Peachtree have a chance, right? :wink:

I also think that Peachtree had some tough Chiarmans competition, but I think that you guys deserve the award and I congradualte you on winning it for the third year in a row. Best luck at Championship.