pic: 1002 Robot at Peachtree (TBA)

The CircuitRunners 2014 robot, Will Smith, at the Peachtree Regional in March.

Is that an official FIRST field from Peachtree the robot is on? Those PVC low goals certainly aren’t what I saw at events. Can someone elaborate on this?

The cord trailing across the floor is pretty good evidence that this is a practice field.

Ok that makes sense. I didn’t know some regionals had practice fields that are quite similar to the real field. At the regionals I attended the practice fields were wooden and not full-sized.

The field gates are different too. The real ones are round tube.

Yep, here in Georgia we are lucky to have sponsors (Kimberly Clark?) that make a real effort on getting us realistic practice fields.

We use the Grits field (the Georgia off season event–Oct 4 Y’all come) for the practice field at the Peachtree Regional. It is sponsored by Kimberly Clark & built/maintained by a team of very dedicated volunteers.