pic: 1018 Final Config.


WOW … we're gonna make weight! (just a few finishing touches to add) I can't believe it.

Looks awesome!
Can’t wait to see it in action.

A great entry from 1018.


Whoa! Awesome.

Can you climb and/or hang?

Joe J.

no climbing the big steps for us…we tried to concentrate on ball control, and were very successful.

Thanks for the compliment Joe. Unfortunately we are not able to do either. Our strategy brainstorming sessions “told” us that those should not be our first priorities. Additionally we are only a second year team, and we are trying to stay focused on robust designs that are not too complicated. I can say that we have made incredible strides from last year, both in our design/build process AND our robot’s capabilities.

I like the omni wheels and ball claw. What’s on the ball claw to allow it to grad better?

if you are referring to the black area, it is not gripping material, it is actually airplane flooring. This is very light weight material, and also provides awesome rigidity. This material is sandwiched by the aluminum plating.

Looks good.
I will be looking forward to playing with it this summer. :smiley:

great job guys. cant wait to see it live. cya on the busride to st. louis.

I am very pleased to see another team going after the small balls. How well does your ball grabbing mechanism work? It looks like you have just one large roller on the top and then the balls zig zag into a hopper. We are team 1083 and a second year team, and have also choosen to go after the small balls.

Very awesome design!

Nathan Pell

Yep, that’s pretty much how it works. The roller squeezes the ball up on a choote, and into the hopper. The balls arrange themselves in there, but not zig-zag. We managed to fit 7 balls in there :slight_smile:
We think being able to control the small balls gives us an edge, especially as not many teams seem to have gone that way.
Good luck to you guys, may the balls be with you …


Looks great, RoboDevils!

Stu, I don’t know how long the aw-shucks-we’re-just-a-simple-second-year-team ploy will last. I suppose that when you guys tear things up this year, no one will be suprised by your future success. :slight_smile:

Yet another STRONG Indiana team. Represent! woo!

Andy B.

Aw-man! Can’t you guys move down to Virginia, or can you come to the VCU regional? Pretty please!

Anyway, very good bot. I like the ‘fins’ you use to pick up the big ball. Plus your under weight! :yikes:

Nice Job Pike. I can see that you guys and gals have been busy up there on the NW side. What a contrast from last years little wedge bot. Good Luck

second year team…ok if you wanna stick to that story :slight_smile:

Well, I’m humbled.

Under weight and all that utility.

Kinda glad we won’t be going against you in Portland…there is always the Nat’s though :slight_smile:

We’ll see how everything plays out. I hope it continues to work as well as it did last night. We could get 6 balls in the hopper in under 15 seconds, and wow, it shoots them out FAST!.

Great job guys! A huge difference when compared to last year’s robot, I wish you tons of luck even though you won’t need a bit of it :slight_smile:

I did not mean to imply that your robot is not a worthy by asking if you can climb or hang. Your robot looks great, I was just wondering if it had capabilities beyond the obvious big ball/small ball handling.

As to your strategy, our team found the balance to be a bit different in terms of ranking hanging, but that is why this FIRST game is so fun, a lot of smart folks make their best guess and off they go. Heck, what do we know, we thought stacking would matter last year :wink:

As to deciding on a small set of features and implementing them well, I could not agree with your team more. The more I am involved in FIRST the more I think that it is important to know the limits of your team and the limits of physics for your robot. It seems like your team has a handle on both issues.

Hats off to you.

Joe J.