pic: 1018 OmniWheels - 1st generation

1st generation of our OmniWheels - showing K’nex wheels with O-rings. These worked great until our powerful drivetrain spun the wheels. Then we rolled the O-rings off, and broke some of the K’nex. This is also a good view of our carbon-fiber “spokes”.

for 2nd generation pic… see thread

So, to answer a couple of questions from the previous thread …

We have two of these on our robot (rear wheels). They work MUCH better than expected (especially after the mod to replace the K’nex with Lexan). “Luci” is a four wheel drive machine with 9" pneumatic Skyways on the front. And obviously, from our low frame design, we won’t be climbing the platform … but we do have other surprises in store … :wink:

The large outer white rings are polypropylene. “Spokes” are carbon fiber disks, and we are using aluminum for the hub. MUCH THANKS goes out to our newest sponsor - WaterJet Cutting of Indiana - who made these wheels possible. All parts were cut using waterjet, then finished as required with milling, turning, and tapping. Our team had a great field trip to WCI to see some of these parts being cut and learn about the process. :cool:

Stu…I believe you are supposed to me working!

hehe…so am I!

way to put the I in FIRST stu! :slight_smile: Those wheels just make me happy, I’m not really sure what else to say…just happy. Congratulations 1018

Those look very similar to the 2003 Cornell Robocup omni-wheels. Get any ideas from them? :slight_smile:

Not directly … but I would love to see 'em. Got any pictures … or a link?

Look in this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21187&page=1&highlight=2003+robocup

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