pic: 1018 - Pic 4 - Welded Chassis

Here’s our newborn baby … with the proper nutrition and exercise we expect superb development of wheels, motors and various mechanisms by (hopefully) ship date :yikes:

Looks great. Once again 1018 has had a fun time with the water jet machine. Can’t wait to see the rest of robot in the coming weeks.

Look at all the triangles! That thing is structurally sound. How much does it weigh?

The real question Stu is who is going to break all those edges :ahh: …i hope you have some committed students on your team or a good angle grinder :smiley:

great looking design. why is one of the triangle support pieces (on the front or the back?) rounded when one is still pointed? looks like a good robot in the making to me.

We ran out of material, and had to cut it a bit short! :ahh:

Yes it is quite sturdy. We should be able to stand up to all the pounding pretty well this year. The weight of the welded chassis as shown is about 26.5 pounds - That will certainly force us to minimize weight up top, helping us to keep our CG low for ramp-climbing.

Yup Greg, We do have a couple of students who have become ‘best friends’ with our de-burring tools :wink:

Well … sort of, Eric. While optimizing the cutting layout of all the pieces we needed to cut, that corner fell off the edge. The last inch or two of that point is non-functional anyway … unless we were planning to “spear” the balls :yikes:

wow. i see 6wd… but smaller center wheels?
how thick is that stuff? looks BEEFY.

The aluminum is 1/4"

Twenty-six pounds? :eek: Our chassis team was getting the vapors when ours came in at 16. They were shooting for 12 or 14. It’s our first custom-welded frame, made from 4-inch square 6061 T6 tubing. It has LOTS of speed holes, which concerns me because there is nothing left to drill out at the last minute.

yup, I got the joy of deburring for 2 1/2 hours on monday. My carpel tunnel didn’t really like that, but I love to deburr, so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

How on earth can you build the rest of your robot and stay in the weight limit? Our base frame, 6 wheels, and 8 pillow blocks is only 10 lbs.

TEN pounds? You have to have at least three pounds of wheels and a pound of pillow blocks. Your frame itself only weighs six pounds? What’s it made of?

(A frame of glass/carbon fiber struts could come in at that kind of weight.)

OOOH can we steal you from 1018??? We are always looking for a few good deburrers but the the newbies just never seem to do a good job.

wow. i think we used 5lbs wheel/tires for our occra robot this year. about the same weight limit,. and we had 4wd+2 supporting casters… which were 2lbs each i think… so that 24 lbs with just ground touching material… sure we woulda liked more weight to spare but we did amazing. and weight down there helps a lot.

Yes, its heavy. But remember that contact is “encouraged” this year, and all below 8-1/2" from the ground. We will have all custom aluminum sprockets, NO pillow blocks, and extremely lightweight materials up top. We will not have a problem coming in under weight.

We do know how to manage weight … don’t forget, many people were amazed that this bot came in under weight … :wink:

haahaa, that was me last year. I was a newbie. I think the only reason I got good at it, was because if it wasn’t smooth enough or scratched a lot someone would always get on my case about it. It scared me into being precise about everything, or pretty close.

One word - envy.