pic: 1018 Teaser

We also used the EnTRAPPtion stars pretty extensively in our testing. They worked great for grabbing and holding, but not lifting and carrying. We ended up going with the AndyMark blue compliant wheels.
I like your custom hubs. Are you finding much slippage? Does it really matter?

Well played.

No that’s literally what they’re called. AndyMark stocks them as such.


The hubs are great. One of the big complaints we had In the past with the stars was the wear on the center. In 2010 we made these center steel hubs and they work incredibly well. Now we only replace them if we see a loss in grip.

I know. It’s the capitalization of the word inside it and recognition of it that I’m commending.

Find me at INPLA - we’ll exchange high fives.

The Trapp family is awesome.

Are those custom waterjetted compliant wheels? Very cool. Looking forward to playing with you guys in Plainfield!