pic: 1023 Electronics Board

Here’s a decent photo from earlier today, its at a bad angle, but whatever. Tell me what you thing about its neatness and such.

We used an electronics mounting scheme similar to that last year. 1/4" lexan fits beautifully in the 8020 slot, and you don’t need to use any fasteners to keep it in place.

However, I will caution… Be sure to tighten/loctite all the anchor screws on the 8020 connections, and any other mounting hardware that is hidden by the electronics board. We found out the hard way during some elimination rounds, when some “hidden” bolts came loose on our drivetrain. Cut out access points and/or limit the amount of bolts that need to be tightened from the bottom side of the electronics.

Looks great overall. I like the use of the smoked lexan.