pic: 1023 Teaser #1

Here’s a photo of (part) of our robot. Bonus points and a cookie to anyone that can guess what it is and what it is used for :slight_smile:

That looks like your ball lifter belt. :slight_smile:

This is a toughie,so I have a couple guesses:
The material in front of the light is

  1. A net to catch your balls, or
  2. A belt to pick up the balls.
    The light behind the material is
  3. A scanner light?

it looks like a outer frame for a hopper to hold all of the balls.

i’m gonna go with the first one and say it’s the belt, the bright part is the metal fastener thing to join the ends of the belt material together

I’m going to say you’ve installed a utensil drawer in your robot and thats non slip matting so the forks and spoons don’t mix . . . or its a belt

Bumper fabric.

loooks like someone else is using bumpers???

Belting, used to move balls from one place to another.
(Now how fast they exit the end is not evident from the pic… ) :slight_smile:

  • Keith

I have to say that no one is really close to being right…regarding material or use :slight_smile: I’ll reveal it Monday night unless someone figures it out before then.

Is the material metal mesh (stupid, I know, :slight_smile: ) or a synthetic fabric like nylon, and is the light a light source or is it the camera flash reflecting off something? :confused:

Ok. So since no one guessed it, this is corrugated plastic (like cardboard) that we used for our hopper. It’s very very light at a whole 1/4 lb per sq foot. The white light is also the flash from my camera.

Yet so close and yet so far… :slight_smile: