pic: 1024 2008 Drivetrain - High Iso

High isometric view of overall traction module, monocoque frame.

that frame looks very robust yet surprisingly lightweight, it should also be a snap to attach bumpers to.

I’m interested as to why you chamfered the bottom corners by the wheels, planning on pulling a side wheel around corners?:ahh: :smiley:

What are your speeds set at?

How heavy is everything shown?

To answer the last question first (before I forget the number) everything pictured weighs 45.7lbs, and it doesn’t budge one inch. We’ve sat two people on it already and pushed it around, no warpage or problem of any kind.

The bumper mounts bolt on holes (not visible) that are in this frame, then the bumpers themselves have sheet metal brackets on them with holes so you put an aluminum tent stake in (available at your corner sporting goods store) and presto the bumpers are on (or off just as fast). This’ll be the third year we’ve used this system.

The chamfers are in case those bumps in the track really are that tall. The hypotenuse to the wheel is worked out so that even if the bumps are 3/4" tall, the robot can’t bottom out because the wheel will contact and ride up on the bump before the front of the bumper hits.

For now, the absolute maximum autonomous speed is 15ft/sec in a straight line. Yes, it’s stable. I’m writing the part of the control loop for turns tonight and upping the PWM/victor update rate to 98.72Hz.

If you’re thinking “what if you crash into a robot at 15ft/sec” there is an array of several ultrasonic sensors (for those of you wondering, yes, i’m still planning on releasing the quad-simultaneous ultrasonic driver about 1/2 way through the season) watching for things in front of the robot. It’s currently programmed to begin deceleration at 36" and come to a full stop at 12". Of course, it continues as the robot ahead moves away. The only trouble I can see ahead is making this work around turns, but I’ll work on it.

Great questions, can’t wait to see you all at competition! More questions? Post!