pic: 1024 2008 Drivetrain - Underside

Underside view of 6wd chain drive - the front wheel is soon to be replaced with dual 15degree offset omni wheels.

Very Nice! Great Success!

nict tensioners. lots of room to work if anything has to be fixed, 5Stars. I bet it sounds Terrifying when it runs

I like the use of wider center wheels. Great job on the design.

What is the reason for a wider center wheel? (besides looking awesome)

Thank you for the positive feedback!

The large center wheel helps turning to be more precise and controllable, as there is a specific center of rotation unlike if there were identical tires along the robot (the robot would then turn around whichever pair of wheels happened to have the most traction, this almost ensures that the center pair will always be highest traction).

Remember the front wheels (one on the left of this picture) are being replaced with omni wheels once we get the dual mounting brackets done. The offset is used so there’s less vibration due to the wheel rolling up and down on the individual rollers.

We’ll be doing our first autonomous test drives today (with a little luck) if they’re any good, I’ll post video later today. We have video of our PowerCore shooter running on a test frame but I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet to post it.

Questions? Post!


It looks like you used standoffs to mount the sprockets to the first 2 wheels, but the last one seems to have a humongous hub…

That’s an adapter to allow mounting of a dual omniwheel up front (offset 1/2 phase to decrease vibration).