pic: 1024 2008 OI Panel Back

The back of the color-keyed operator interface panel. Note the cutout to get to competition and tether ports on the OI board. Off the bottom right corner of that cutout, note the power jack. To the right of that, the three DB9 connectors are Dashboard, Radio, and one spare just in case (originally was supposed to be for tether, then we noticed that the tether cable was easily accessible through the cutout anyhow).

This looks really cool. What did you use for your material? What does the top look like? Putting all the connectors off the board remotely would easily prevent damage to the OI.


Mike, the top looks like this. The OI panel is made out of 60thousandths aluminum for the span, 1/2" aluminum milled plate for the end caps (we didn’t make the endcaps, stole them off already existing unused control panel).