pic: 1024 Base

Here is our '06 base with bumpers. If you dont have bumpers… GET SOME!.. they make this thing a TANK!

wow that looks awesome. Yet again another sweet blue and yellow design. How does that pool noodle roller hold up?

I like the creative use of a pool noodle.

One of our prototypes use pool noodle rollers to lift the balls up to the shooter. If I had my way, they would be in the production 'bot… they were yellow, too.

And that’s our Blue Angels-blue fabric on your bumpers! You can’t do that – it’s our color. Also, unless you went to the University of California, I’m not sure you can legally use blue and gold anyway… :slight_smile:

The Pool noodle has been doin well. Its hard to get it centered on the shaft but that hasnt proven to be a problem yet. Its realy light and will absorb any impact the roller takes since that is the only area with no bumper.