pic: 1024 Biohazard Wheel

How 1024 is rolling in 2010

I must say…this is quite possibly the most beautiful wheel I have ever seen in FIRST.

Can we all get a weight on it?

I have seen the bio-hazard before, but still this is a very nice wheel.



Wow. Those are beautiful.

Very nice wheel, and I love the homage to IFI’s traction wheels. Beautiful colors as well.


Sure, as shown with all parts (2 hex bearings, all hardware, sprocket, and sprocket spacer) is 1 pound.


1lb per wheel?

Out of curiosity, why anodize the curved plate when it will be covered by traction material?

aww no neon green? :wink:

I am absolutley in love with that color scheme! :]

Yes, one pound per wheel.

You can see the tabs from where the wheels hook together and we did not like the look not anodized.


those things are awesome… what’s the weight on them?

Ethereal. did u CNC these?

Laser cut actually, then the curved plate shape was created using a hand roll form tool in our shop.

Super cool!

Great job calibrating the roller… that’s an impressively toleranced part for a harbor freight special benchtop roll-n-break.


Completely awesome. Nice looking wheels.


I certainly hope you’re going with blue nitrile treads to complete the look.

What are these side plates made out of?