pic: 1024 Chassis with Biohazard Wheel

Well this looks strangely familiar…

I should know. I copied it to make this.

from the looks, looks like a typical chassis for 1024 but it does seem like you wont be very willing to go over the bump

I wonder why you’d want a robot so tall unless you plan to climb the tower and not go over any bumps.


No reason a tall robot can’t go over a bump, as long as it keeps the CG low enough. The tall clearance indicates to me that they’re very much intending to go over the bump.

well if i remember your robots pic from this year, it was also tall…190 & 1024 collaboration??? lol

Cool chassis! How do you plan on overcoming turning scrub?

i doubt this but is this as far as you guys are this far into build?

How is the turning with those wheels?

edit: beat me to it Chris_is_me!

Maybe a blocking system of some kind? They will be able to block shots if there is a panel covering the space between the bars.

I think the side is like a half roll cage, so if they tip forward, you can push under it and gain leverage to right them?

Or, much more likely, “just” a hanging arm.

this was taken last weekend.

Turning is overrated

Bouncing balls back towards your zone off
the tower? That’d be my best guess.

As well as mine. Can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store :slight_smile:

pretty sure the GDC made that illegal

Rule or Q&A link?



That rule only limits the intrusion of the ball to 3" inside a mechanism above the bumper zone.

A ramp has 0" of intrusion. You could also have a funnel of some sort with 3" tall sidewalls, that would be 3" of intrusion.

I’m with Vikesrock on this one. As long as the ball bounces off without ‘depressing’ the deflecting mechanism/ramp 3", your golden.:cool:

id have to disagree, id have to say that there is like walls around your robot at 3" and if at any point a ball comes in contact with your robot within those walls, then that should be the 3" rule penalty