pic: 1024 Chassis with Biohazard Wheel

It’s been clarified here already, it’s perfectly legal. Also, if your “pretty sure” why don’t you actually look it up before posting??

pretty sure is a confident statement if i didnt know, i would have said i think

Here is <R19> in its entirety:

<R19> ROBOTS must be designed so that in normal operation BALLS cannot extend more than 3 inches inside
a) the FRAME PERIMETER below the level of the BUMPER ZONE (see Figure 8-5),
b) a MECHANISM or feature designed or used to deflect BALLS in a controlled manner that is above the level of the BUMPER ZONE.

Indeed, Vikesrock’s interpretation is what I get as well.

ok, so then let me see if i am understanding you guys correctly, the 3" rule only applys to the mechanisms or the robot?

Above the Bumper Zone, yes, that is correct. That part is covered by <R19-B>.

Below the Bumper Zone the ball may only intrude 3" inside the Frame Perimeter as detailed in <R19-A>.

How about some details on those wheels? Are those the upgraded sheet wheels you guys were showing off in 2008?

are you guys planning to have kickers on all sides or is that for ground clearance

I was wondered how long it would take someone to catch my title about the wheels.

Hopefully our students will be assembling some tomorrow and I can get a good picture of one. They are similar to the design that was created in 2008 but 8 inches and have a biohazard symbol as the lightening pattern.

It looks like the structure could be used to right the position of the robot if it flips over when going over the bump

Id love to see pictures when you get them assembled. Also are you planning on marketing the wheels anytime soon?

Here is one of our traction wheels. Right now we don’t have any plans on marketing them but maybe in the future if the right opportunity arises.