pic: 1024 Final Robot

1024’s Final Bot… Rectangle Spiral hopper (holds 22-24 balls)… Camera controlled turret… Swerv drive… C ya at Midwest, Wisconsin, and Boilermaker.

If any team can pull off an effective turreted shooter, it would be 1024. I can wait to see this thing in action.

I hate to state the obvious but…that’s a bright robot, Great job!

I have always loved tube construction. Great job 1024, you guys had my favorite bot of 2008 and I am sure 2009 will be the same

Crazy awesome bot, one of my fellow team members can’t stop talking about your lightweight frame. Can you explain the material and how you guys constructed that frame.

Another awesome robot from 1024!

Oh boy I can’t wait to see it at Midwest! :]

Awwww… *tear :o

This year or 2008?



Both years actually Q.

I can’t tell you anything about this year’s robot, but I can tell you a little about the '08 unibody/frame.

First of all:

These pictures should give a decent idea. Other than that, the frame is made from a single sheet of .060" thick 5000 series aluminum. The only welds are on the tops and sides of the corners, this locks the whole frame together. Construction wise, after the sheet is lasered the ‘bumper’ section on the front and back is bent up. Then, the box-rails running the length on the sides are bent up. After the few welds listed above, the frame is finished.

For '09… I guess we’ll have to hope somebody else from 1024 notices this thread…


Thanks Q, your frame’s have been quite impressive.

#1860 just love the bots that #1024 build every year…

And… one more time, on behalf Cephatron, I can tell: awesome!!!:yikes:

Excelent job team!

Great looking bot guys. I love the neon frame. You guys will be easy to spot in the video.

dont worry Q… i’m on CD every once in awhile =]… but Q is correct about the tube construction… the best part is we made it ourselves!! one trick we did use was we put sand in the tubes because the tubes would break if we bent them too far!! any other questions?

also… i don’t know how we managed such a lightweight bot… it’s probably from all the tubing… the chassis itself weighed in at 21.7 i think!! which is huge considering our last years chassis was 8 lbs

WOW WOW WOW, 8 pound chassis. That is totally insane. Great job.

1024’s use of tubing is one of my favorite robot construction methods, and the one I know the least about. Those glossy painted curves make for a beautiful robot design, and must weigh next to nothing while remaining extremely strong, kinda like race car frames. (what an awesome chassis idea)

Looks like you guys have a pretty solid robot again this year. See you at Midwest this weekend. Good luck!!!

We discovered the tube methods in 2006 and will never go back. Bought a floor mounted manual bender for $1k (with the 1" die).

For major structures we use .065" wall 1" tube and for lesser members .035" wall. The 35 wall is annealed and must be filled with sand before bending.

The bending takes practice and plan on going through a lot of tube before you get it down pat.

We have also worked out many techniques for attachment as well.
If you want to know more, send me a PM. or find me at a regional or Nats.
We will be at Midwest, Wisconsin, Boilermaker, and Atlanta.

We made a protype chassis during the summer made out of 1/8" wall tubing. The whole thing (wheels, motors, gearboxes) weighed in at under 20 lbs, the frame only about 8. I know 1024 inspired me to push beyond what I thought of as a “normal” chassis and a “normal” bot.