pic: 1024 is smokin'!

1024 started smoking quite heavily prior to one of the elim matches at the Midwest Regional. Turns out it was an ultrasonic sensor. There was quite the cloud, seen here, and a fire extinguisher on the floor just in case.

OMG Sanjaya is back!!!

Now thats messed up Sanjaya

so what exactly happened to the sensor - how’d it smoke up was it faulty wiring?

I recently did this to our electronic compass. It was dubbed as “The activation of the ‘FED (Flame Emitting Diode)’”

Putting 12 volts where 5 volts is meant can do this to sensors. Quite an impressive cloud!


OH NOES MAGIC SMOKE. I hope they caught it all so they can put it back in.

We’re on FIRE!

I knew 1024 had a hot bot but… geeeze! :smiley: