pic: 1024 Kilabytes Painted Chassis and Hopper

1024’s Competition bot is coming together.

That paint job is godly…

I love your loader too, quite an elegant system.


certinly diffrent

i wish we could paint our chassis, it would look so much cooler:P

so how does it work?

Jeez, what’s the ball capacity on that? That’s insane. It looks very promising.


Yay I finally get to see the robot… :rolleyes:



Q, who’s the new guy programming your autonomous?? He better be well trained by you. I wanna see that thing be beastly in auton.

No one will be able to miss your robot on the field. (:

I assume the rails above are the hopper, but I don’t get how it works… i will have to wait for the completed robot i guess.


that explains the uppers fairly well


Umm… uhhh… well… gosh… thank you… uhh… :o

Well, Andrew is the lead programmer this year (I believe you know I’m in college now…) and there’s some other smart programmers there too. I’m sure they’ll come up with something cool.

I have to admit it would have been fun programming this year. Since so much of the robot’s motion is in sliding friction mode you could come up with some really fun crab control code using inertial sensors as feedback… and the CAMERA… holy cow…

I’m hoping to see at least one robot that uses some kind of curve fitting to predict the motion of a trailer in order to lead the target effectively when shooting…

Well, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. :]


I am so glad you all will be competing in Chicago. We are certainly looking forward to it.

Hey, is this robot fireproof???

wow, I really like that hopper design, it’s a square spiral! I always wondered if that was possible…