pic: 1024 Robot 2015

1024 presents Emmet

102 lbs
Slide Drive (H Drive)
Team Indiana style lexan fingers
Light weight round tube lift structure
Custom worm gearbox for no backdrive

I love it. Your round tubing method of construction looks very professional.
Any plans to add an active intake?
Best of luck at competition!

18lbs left. Still time to add something else!
How about a recyling can stabilizer?

Thank you. We love the look and clean lines the round tube gives.

No plan for an active intake. It does not fit our game strategy.

We will be making some additions with those 18lbs to our robot before the Kokomo district.

This robot was very inspiring to our students to watch it fly around the field scoring stacks quickly.

I look forward to seeing this robot again in two weeks.