pic: 1024 Robot in DC

1024’s robot at the end of the DC regional ready to go into the crate and head to Purdue.

Here are a few stats:

Weight: 114.5
1 Ball deflector
2 kickers: one short and one long range
7 wheel drive: 4 traction wheels and 3 omni wheels for sideways movement

We look forward to seeing everyone at Purdue.

You guys always have an outstanding robot. And it looks like this year is no exception. Glad you guys will be able to stand out in a crowd!

Can’t wait to see you guys up here!

BTW, I’m kind of intrigued by the concept of multiple kickers for different ranges, sounds cool! :yikes:

We are very glad that you came to the DC regional! You have a beautiful robot and a great team. Best wishes on the rest of your season and we hope to see you again.

Great job winning the Imagery Award in DC, Allison!

One question… Am I the only one who thinks the tubing on this machine looks earily like the tubing from the Kilobytes 2008 machine…? I recall Jeff saying that you guys had a hatefull time bending the tubes back in 2008, this year go any better?:smiley:

I watched from the stands and yalls robot did very well and i am impressed


Only the front kicker (short range) is visible in the picture. Our long range kicker is folded up in the middle of the chassis. With our ability to drive sideways using the onmi wheels we can utilize the kicked on the side of the robot.

Thanks, Dan!

I wasn’t with the team in 2008 so I cannot comment about the hateful time they had bending tubes then. However last year when I rejoined the team bending the tubes correctly was not a very good time. We have learned a few new tricks about bending since then. This year was much better, we had a freshman on the team do all the bending, he did an amazing job and did not scrap a single tube.

As for looking eerily like 2008 when I posted our frame up a few weeks ago a few people said that.


Aha… Leave it to the guy who has not taken any of Jeff’s classes yet to do the bending! ::ouch::

That’s a very cool idea! Can’t wait to see it at BMR!

1024, you guys built a beautiful robot this year. In the quaterfinal matches we played against you, I have to admit, we were pretty scared to play our defense around a bot like yours. Seeing how fast and robust it was, and the skill of your drivers overall made us pretty nervous. The way you could herd a ball up to a goal and kick it in with amazing force, speed, and maneuverability was a scary and impressive site.

Can i buy your robot after Alanta. It is just so beutiful.