pic: 1024 Shooter

The Kil-a-bytes shooter… yes… it hangs :D… more to come.

Looks very nice. It’s similar to what we did, except we couldn’t find that fancy concave wheel you’ve got in there. Also, we used only one motor to run it, so we don’t have to worry about differences in speed. That looks very KISS though, nice job.

Looks like you have some good food in the background…oh yah…and the shooter is nice too. :slight_smile:

Globe motors? :confused:

How well does that work?

those are the FP motors run through a (5:1? 16:1) banebots planetary gearbox.

i remember a few years back talking to someone on your team, and they mentioned that the pulleys used that year where made using a rapid prototyping machine; are those wheels made that way?

It would have to be 5:1 if they wanted to launch at any decent speed
we are using the same setup for our launcher motors

What you see, are Fp motors running through a 5:1 banebots reduction. The blue wheels and Yellow mounts were made on our FDM machine (Rapid Prototype) which let us customize the wheel geometry to get max contact with the ball. The concave wheels act as self centering.
This is now mounted to a suspended “turret” and linked by software to the camera. Works great. I’ll post a pic of them mounted this weekend.

Gotta love those FDM machines. Quite a bit of our robot was made on the FDM machine this year. You can make some great parts in em.

How well do the FP mototrs work? Aren’t you worried about the motors going bad? But i do like that it is simple, looks heavy though. Well everything looks heavy to me because we are 12 lbs over right now…

we clipped on some heat sinks and are adding muffin fans. It only takes a second to spinum up so if we arent shooting they wont be on. I am a little worried about them over heating. We have 4 more with pinions pressed on if needed tho :smiley: … the assembly shown weighs 12lbs. Overall we are about 15lbs underwieght and after 7 years in FIRST that has never happened haha.