pic: 1024 Teaser

Mad Skills With A Jigsaw!!!

Dude, that just looks sick, and BIG. If you did all that with a jig saw than kudos to you guys my man! It’ll definatlybe a site to see when you guys go about puching the goals

wow now that is some serious machining…water jet?

laser cut actual

micheal post some video :smiley:

That is SWEET. Nice job guys.

Not sure what it is (duh) but my guess is it’ll house the balls you collect or the mechanism (belt?) to collect them. Nice cutting :wink:

I’m lovin’ the “alarm clock” type font you got going there!! lol

That is way cool looking. What regionals are you attending and will you be at Atlanta. I want to see this thing before it gets all scarred up from competition!

We are going to St. Louis and then hopefully on to Nationals :cool: