pic: 1024's Super Secret Test Facility

Located at 10640 Deme Road in Indianapolis–we hope to have the full AM wooden field done soon so that we can open it up to teams in a few weeks for practice. We will set the nights and times so that any team can use it.

doesnt look to secret anymore now does it! ::rtm::

We will be there every night! :slight_smile:

So your in on the secret as well?? ::rtm::

Looks Awesome!!! hopefully we can get down there to get some practice in!

Hey Ben, why would you go there when we could be getting the Purdue West area again. That way you don’t have to load up and drive and hour just to practice.

Mmm fancy! Isn’t Deme road out there by Lawrence and Fortville?

A lot closer to Lawrence–about 3 miles from I-465 and a little over 4 from where the IRI is held.

Thunderbird road!

I drive by there on my way to class… Nice!

this clearly isnt to secertive if everybody knows where it is at!! NOW IS IT??

Wow, great resource! :smiley:

…it’s a dance studio?

Hope the robot is going well… I haven’t posted on here in forever.