pic: 1024's Toughened Toughbox

During stress analysis, we realized our application of the AM Toughbox could potentially crack the 1/4" lexan sheet that makes up the back bearing mount. So, we went overboard and made a new one out of 1/4" aluminum. :o

Just a guess…but the reason you needed to reinforce it is because you are using a two stage planetary gearbox between the motors and the Toughbox, thus greatly increasing the torque being fed into the Toughbox…right?

Any chance you can share you sources on the banebot heat sinks? The tough box looks excellent by the way good use of your own capabilities.

To answer the last question first, techtiger1, those are not BaneBots motors, but rather Fisher-Price motors. At any rate, the heatsinks are available from this supplier. Many will tell you to put cooling fans, grease, and whatever else on them as well, but we’ve had good luck with them just clipped on with decent space around them.

Squirrel, yes, that’s why. There ends up being a 900:1 reduction by the time everything’s said and done in this multistage gear and singlestage chain reduction… so I’m guessing you can kind of see where all that torque/stress comes from. :rolleyes: