pic: 1029 cart - Rene de Cart

here’s the cart we accrued together from ex-robot parts, unfinished carts, left over kit parts, and left over noodle from the bumpers. There are five things here from the kits of the past four years, one of which you can’t see (the igus pillow blocks); see if you can point out the other four.

The robot sits on the four struts with black tape on them. We also found out its actually the perfect size to hold two of the kit totes. So now we also have a means of bringing everything to the pit.

How can you guess a lot of us are take philosophy this year? (look at the name of the cart) It was a good laugh.

i hope u get shot for this. and where are the rockets i told u to fit to the sides? i am not pleased

I see pneumatic wheels from the 04 kit and the Banebots transmission mounting plates from the 07 kit (two of them may be from the 05/06 kit gearbox, I can’t tell)

Finally a good use for those awful wheels. shudders Well done.

I would expect this would exist in a cart-esian plane but there is obviously some geometry in the Z-direction. Rene would not be pleased.

Where are the subwoofers and neons???

they’re on back order.

im pretty sure it is specified in the manual that they dont want your carts to double as a DJ system.

besides, we don’t need all the pretty bells and whistles to draw attention to us, everyone is already staring in awe at the robot on it.