pic: 103 scoring at Florida Regional

This was referred to as the “Epic 103” picture. It doesn’t look as good large as it did on my LCD though :frowning:

they only scored 6 moon rocks on us all day…

they were alot of fun to play with…made it very interesting for me to drive and score wile being scored on:P

I love it when teams adapt as the season goes on :stuck_out_tongue:

i was about to say that that wasn’t 103’s robot, but then i saw the bumpers. so you took the shooter off and replaced it with… some sort of dumping mechanism. its kinda hard to tell in this pic. will there be any more pics of the upgrades in the coming days? i would like to see what changes you made.

Haha I haven’t been paying much attention to FRC this year but I must say that is the coolest robot I’ve seen, it’s like a gumball machine of moon rocks!

I can’t speak for 103… but from what I saw today, they have their brush-archimedes screw idea, then the balls go into a flat top hopper. They then use pneumatics or some other implement to angle the hopper bottom and dump the balls out. It’s been pretty effective this regional, considering they’re ranked 2nd.

Really nice photography Michelle. The orbit balls in the trailer (unfortunately ours :o ) are so crisply in focus, while the background gradually blurs. Kudos for catching the action.

What makes this “epic”?

I was expecting a trailer overflowing with balls at the very least…

I think she was referring the to the quality of the photograph itself, not the robot pictured.

this photo is preeetttttyyyy awesome

Nice modifications 103.

Team 2753 (Team Overdrive) used the same dumper mechanism in NJ and NYC. It is simple, but it sure works!

You are looking strong.

Go NJ Teams!

Its a great new look. You guys are doing really well.
P.S. How much time did it take to replace with your shooter.

thanks a lot. And the whole dumping mechanism took about 3 days to make in the shop. And it only took about an hour to fully replace and test in the pits. It worked much better than I thought it would to tell you the truth.

PS. Pennsylvania is around 50 degrees. I wish I was in Florida!

I’m really surprised that nobody really noticed the name. Anyone know?


It is “B3+P” right?(team joke)

Joking it is the Grim Sweeper

the grim sweeper?

No, Jeremy, its PB3, so that it sounds sorta like Peanut Butter and Jelly.:smiley:

the other robot in the picture(ours) is called the “rainmaker”

You got it.

that is amussing we always tell our human player before he goes up for a match to make it rain.:yikes: