pic: 103 Teaser, Week 3


Anyone? Take a wild guess. Or a few.

the tea kettle is a standard part in 3Ds max isn’t it? Im going to assume this is an animation teaser…

It’s actually a remnant of OpenGL. :slight_smile:

From your earlier posts, I’d conclude some sort of submersible craft being part of the transportation animation this year.

The part above the water was the submarine rising up.

Going to blow some steam on your animation.

I’m a little teapot, short and stout…

Short, wide robot?

Yes, this is the animation teaser, and no, that is not water. Good guess though. Better than what out teammates came up with.

Ooooo, nice line. Gotta use it sometime.

‘Bout that time Ol’ Chap?

Right O’

well the teapot has a wire mesh map on it - only outlining the polygons… also, very shiny surface - possibly lit up by a sun, possibly used as solar panels, maybe incorporating photosynthesis onto a self-powered teapot (those squares become the surface of the teapot)?

Wow… I remember making that in Mechanical Desktop… before it was even called mechanical Desktop (I think)! lol
Good ol’ (not really) Autocad 14 and/or 2000/200i solids editing!

They build a flying robot. or hovering one :wink:

I was about to use that line until I read your post. The rest of the song doesn’t predict things as well… the spout is the part that shoots the balls?

That’s actually kind of amusing, since one of the parents of one of the students on my team last night commented as to how our robot looked like it was solar powered since one of the materials we are using looks an awful lot like solar panels to an extent… kinda. lol

…Carbon Fiber sheeting? O.o

Please, this teaser is the Animation teaser, it has nothing what so ever to do with the robot. Im sorry about the confusion, but half of you confused yourself. lol