pic: 1038 Teaser


The Tower of Power! We realized people will know when we have retracted our arm from the loud CLANG it makes.

Looks nice…also you probably didn’t mean this but great reference to the 1994 game which was coincidentally called Tower Power…


Actually I didn’t, but that is funny. Not many people know this but the history of our team goes back to 1994 and the P&G-Walnut Hills HS team that won the championship that year. The team later relocated to Northwest High School and officially became Team 144. We then relocated to our current school, but was unable to take the number with us. Our former team leader who relocated the team has actually gone back to teaching in the same school district as Northwest and was able to resurrect the old team number, 144.

Looks beefy…good luck, Jimmy!


It has to be beefy, just in case a tube gets between us an 48 - remember Pitt in 07? Search 48 Flips on YouTube if you need a refresher…:slight_smile:

alright, well that’s just the defnition of irony that your team is connected to the winning team from that year. It was the Sunny D right? (P&G also had a Tide team for the historians in the crowd)

Sunny D still operates, although with a slightly newer IFI controller.

Yes, P&G sponsored 2 teams. The Tide team was at Aiken High School.

Jimmy, does that mean that Colerain HS has a team now?